About Us

Mintridge International Limited is a UK-based firm of property professionals and asset managers providing sourcing, acquisition, management and advisory services for investors looking to invest in international farmland markets.

Our main focus is on the emerging markets of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), where we see significant investment potential. The services we offer come on the back of first-hand experience gained over the past decade of both farming and buying land in the CEE region. Since 2003, we have been farming in western Poland in partnership with UK-based investors, operating across three units totalling 3,000 hectares, milking 500 dairy cows, growing cereals and latterly growing blueberries and asparagus.

With this practical farming experience, allied to an unrivalled network of contacts throughout the CEE region, we are well placed to guide investors through the process of acquiring land and farming companies, and then to implement appropriate land and business management solutions to suit their aims and objectives.

As qualified chartered surveyors, we provide investors with a complete service, operated in an efficient, secure and transparent way that at all times adheres to the professional codes and standards of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).