Romania – Latest Wheat Yield Predictions Suggest Second Year of Significant Exports

Following our article in March on Romania’s potential to become an important player in the world soft commodities markets, further predictions have been made suggesting that this year’s wheat harvest could be bigger than originally thought. COCERAL (the European association representing the trade in cereals, rice, feedstuffs, oilseeds, olive oil, […] Read more »

New Restrictions Dash Hopes of Liberalised Hungarian Farmland Market

When Hungary joined the EU in 2004 they did so with the most severe restrictions on foreign land ownership. These expired on 30 April but they have been replaced with a new set of rules which, whilst notionally treating all EU citizens the same, will effectively continue the same regime. […] Read more »

Romania – An Important Exporter of Agricultural Commodities

Romania has approximately 10 million hectares of cultivated arable land and, with the scope to increase crop yields though more efficient farming practices, the potential to become an important player in the European agricultural commodities market is huge. Assisted by favourable growing conditions, wheat production exceeded 7 million tonnes last […] Read more »

Ukraine’s Agricultural Future

The political unrest seen in Ukraine at present is being viewed closely by the international community, keen to understand how the current crisis will pan out and what impact that will have on the country’s failing economy and its relationships with the European Union, Russia and countries further afield. Whilst […] Read more »

Newsletter – January 2014

Click on the link below to read our January newsletter which focusses on CAP reform, crop management software and the opportunities available for investors through the niche market for blueberries and the renewables sector. January Newletter 2014 Read more »