Countries of Focus

Our focus is on Eastern Europe, and in particular on Poland and Romania, where there are significant opportunities to see good annual returns, allied to anticipated capital growth of the asset as land prices converge with those of their Western European neighbours.

Both countries offer very different opportunities, but with prospects to achieve scale of investment in order to maximise returns.

We have satellite offices in Warsaw and Poznan in Poland, and in Bucharest in Romania, which gives us the on-the-ground knowledge that we believe is vital to being able to service the investor requirements efficiently and professionally. From these offices, we can also source farmland in many other Central and Eastern European countries including Bulgaria, Hungary and Serbia, giving investors the opportunity of exposure to further land markets, depending on where they want to be positioned on the risk scale.

Whilst our focus is primarily on Eastern Europe, we do also maintain an interest in many emerging international farmland markets, and have the scope to source land in other parts of the world including Africa and South America.