Why Farmland?

Farmland and agriculture were not, historically, viewed as mainstream investment classes. However, with a growing world population and the associated need for increased food production, many prominent commentators are turning to agriculture and farmland as suitable medium to long-term investments, especially as investors look to diversify their portfolios away from equities and into tangible, alternative asset classes.

As a result, both private and corporate investors are increasingly entering the global marketplace with a view to direct investment in agriculture and farmland, as are sovereign wealth funds that see food security as now sitting high on their national agenda.

With growing political stability in many Central and Eastern European Countries (CEEC), the vast potential of its farmland is becoming more widely recognised both for its food-producing capabilities and for its value as an investment asset. The information provided on the Investment Fundamentals and the Investment & Management Options pages gives both private and corporate investors further detail on the potential benefits available from investing in Central and Eastern European farmland, and how the investment can be securely managed for both income and capital appreciation purposes.